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Feb 16, 2021

Rob interviews Sarah Falkiner about her GoFundMe for the children's TV program, "At the Garden".

Support this GoFundMe at this link:
Sarah's social media:
FB Page: atthegardentvshow
Insta: @atgtvshow
Insta: @oddboxtheater
Twitter: @atthegardentv
Sarah's website:
Sarah's co-producer's website:

My name is Sarah Falkiner and I am an early childhood educator and teacher with 16 years experience in Chicago Public Schools. I've partnered with Oddbox Theater and Gold Point Studio to produce this brand new TV show concept for kids with a focus on literacy, socio-emotional learning, and sustainability. It’s called "At The Garden" and we believe it can help bridge the divide in learning accessibility presented by the problems we face today.


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