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Jul 6, 2023

Rob interviews Jon Levin about the Kickstarter for the boardgame, "Inns & Outcasts"

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About Inns & Outcasts!

Inns & Outcasts is an exciting new game from 1First Games and Game Changing Designs. We've collaborated with these new designers to create an amazing experience that will bring hours of joy to any game night. The game has evolved rapidly since our two companies have started working together and has been polished to a mirror finish. 

At 3-8 players, Inns & Outcasts is a great mid-weight party game that will accommodate groups large and small. At an average 30-minute playtime it's a fantastic addition to any roster. Whether unwinding after a long play session, waiting for a group to finish, or wrapping up the night - Inns & Outcasts is easy to jump into with a satisfying conclusion. This surprising little gem is bursting with amazing art and accompanied by action-packed play.  We're sure this is the must-have addition to your collection. 

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